Installation Hokkaido Japan Yakisugi
2013, yakisugi / charred larch wood, 2.25 x 10 x 6 m

art in public space, Urahoro/ Japan

(Foto: copyright Atsushi Kato)
Yakisugi Installation Japan charred wood
2013, yakisugi / charred larch wood, 2.25 x 10 x 6 m

art in public space, Urahoro/ Japan

Installation Kunst Istanbul Rauminstallation
2010, spatial installation (styrodur, wood, cables), 300 x 200 x 300 cm

Installation for the exhibition project in Istanbul together with Hera Büyüktaşçıan

Art Installation Tokyo Japan
Sound from the Deep
2010, styrodur, aluminium pigment, sound, 245 x 220 x 220 cm

sculpture with sound installation for the exhibition 'DeepDigDug' in Tokyo.

Skulptur München Installation Kunst Maximiliansforum
Time Tunnel
2011, wallboards, wood, video projection, 200 x 200 x 200 cm

installation view at the exhibition 'Prisma', MaximliansForum Munich

Installation Istanbul Kunst Rauminstallation
Machine for the exploitation of knowledge
2011, installation (styrofoam, styrodur, cable conduits, video projection), 160 x 160 x 350 cm

Installation for the exhibition "the knowledge series", curated by Marcus Graf at Plato Sanat / Istanbul

Kunst Installation München Rauminstallation
self-extracting machine / supplier
2009, spatial installation, 330 x 410 x 480 cm (room size)

solo exhibition, gallery Dina4 Projekte, Munich

Kunst Raum Installation München
we're an empire now, and we create our own reality
2005, installation view, 270 x 400 x 500 cm
wallpainting wandmalerei raketenstation insel hombroich
21 cubes
2014, wall drawing, 200 x 4800 cm

Field Institute, Raketenstation Stiftung Insel Hombroich

Matthias Männer Ausstellung Installationsansicht Karin Wimmer München
Welcome to the Jungle
2019, wooden slats, neon yarn, 300 x 400 x 160 cm

Foto: Sonja Allgaier

pre post internet art
2013, mdf, enamel, 29 x 30 x 15 cm
Skulptur Marmor
2016, concrete, marble sand, 20 x 24 x 12 cm, 3
sculpture neon
space ball
2016, wood, neon yarn, 10 x 20 x 15 cm